Brasilia Virtual Museum

Available on the Internet since 2012, on the Brazil Virtual Museum portal, it was developed by the Stories Office team (MG). It includes information about the country's capital from the perspective of its residents and based on researched made in public and private archives. It has photos, text testimonials and a 1791-2010 timeline.
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Museum of Documentary Photography

Brazil's first virtual museum focused on the dissemination of documentary photography. In its collection there is a collection of 299 photos on the March to the West – work of anonymous photographers – never before published. It also presents images photographers who have contributed to the dissemination and understanding of this shooting mode, as Orlando Brito and Rui Faquini.
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Sebrae Memorial

Opened in 2012, it had its physical exposure deactivated by the end of 2016. The virtual exhibition shows the history of Sebrae from 1960 to 2016, the history of the states units, as well as testimonials from directors, employees, customers and accredited members of this company that for more than 40 years has been supporting small businesses in Brazil.
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UnB Virtual Museum of
Science and Technology

Disseminates the UnB's (University of Brasília) scientific and technological production, making available to the public information about the Museum of Anatomy, the Astronomical Observatory, the Herbarium, the Experimentoteca, the Research Laboratory, the Seismological Observatory, the Museum of Earth Sciences and the zoological collection. All can be visited in person, providing an educational, fun and interactive experience.
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