Itinerant Museum of the Piano

The collection of the Casa do Piano (Piano House) – founded in 1982 – includes 64 ancient instruments from 1850 on. The museum consists of a 19 meters semitrailer truck that when parked becomes a hall in which 19th and 20th century's original grand and upright pianos and 18th and 19th century's replicas by the Casa do Piano. The roaming includes shopping malls, museums, auditoriums, squares and parks.
Núcleo Rural Córrego da Onça – Rua C – Chácara 3 – Núcleo Bandeirante (close to the Catetinho)

How to get there:

Phone: 61-3036-6405

Visits: booked

Free admission: yes

Accessible to people with mobility disabilities.

Access: only by passenger car.

Museum of Waste Management

Linked to the SLU (Waste Management Service), it was opened in 1996 and shows to the visitor the urban waste recycling possibilities. Its collection includes typewriters and sewing machines, a piano, cell phones, computers, telephones, black-and-white TV sets, several doll types, bills, coins, pictures, trophies and vinyl records, almost all found in the trash.
QNP 28 – Usina de Tratamento do Lixo – Área Especial – P Sul – Ceilândia

How to get there:

Phone: 61-3376-1043 (booked).

Visits: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to noon; 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. During the visit to the plant, it is recommended to bring mask and wear sneakers or closed toe shoes.

Free admission: yes.

Surroundings: the plant is very close.

Access: bus lines serving the Setor P Sul (South P sector) - get off at the bus terminal.

Temple of Good Will

The ecumenical temple, work of R.R. Roberto, dates from 1989. Its greatest attraction is the Nave, an area where the visitor walks and meditates on the Spiral. It houses the Alziro Zarur Memorial, founder of the Legion of Good Will, with furniture and paintings of his office (RJ), the microphone used at the Rádio Mundial and personal items. On site, there is also the Egyptian Room, the Sacred Fountain, art gallery and souvenir shops.
Setor de Grandes Áreas Sul 915 – lotes 75/76 – Asa Sul

How to get there:

Phone: 61-3114-1070

Visits: daily, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.. The Nave is open 24 hours.

Free admission: yes

Accessible to people with mobility disabilities.

Access: bus lines that serve the W3 Sul, 114 Sul subway station.